About Wife of Brian

Hello gang,

Thanks for stopping by.

So, for those of you who are interested, I am Wife of Brian. That is, Wife of Brian is me. And I am Vicky Eames.

I've been a wee bit obsessed with knitting for a few years now. Nothing to worry about, really... But to be fair, it's a rare day indeed when I don't create some sort of woolly item. (I'm actually crocheting as I write this.)

I decided to spread the knitty love, and started making and selling the treats that you'll find on this site. Not your everyday fare, I realise, but I like to think that my work is at least entertaining. I know I've made quite a few people smile and that's definitely good enough for me!

If you fancy knitting your own facial hair, my first pattern book 'Knit Your Own Moustache' has just come out and is available (among other places) here.

I live in London in England, and am very cozy in my little flat (when I'm not working away). It's obviously bedecked with plenty of handmade nonsense and is hopefully a welcoming nook in the madness of the capital.

Believe it or not, I have a proper job outside of beard-knitting. (I know, who saw that coming, eh?) Thankfully I am lucky enough to do something I love, and that is working in theatre. It's an incredibly demanding career and insanely time-consuming, so between that and the knitting, there's very little time for anything else! But I'd definitely prefer to be a busy bee, and it all combines for an exciting and often unpredictable lifestyle, which is utterly glorious.

I hope you find some amusement in this website. If you choose to buy something then that's a bonus! I don't always list everything I have for sale, and I also am happy to make custom items. So if you don't see what you want or fancy something a bit different, then please pop me an email.

Enjoy yourselves Beard-o-philes xx